Shang-Chi & The Legend Of The Ten Rings: 8 HUGE Questions Raised By The Post Credit Scenes

7. Is The Abomination Training To Be An Avenger?

Shang-Chi and the Legend Of The Ten Rings poster
Marvel Studios

When the trailer for Shang-Chi was released, without question the biggest shock, and one of the biggest talking points, was the appearance of both Wong and the Abomination. The two were fighting in some sort of underground tournament, but fans were given absolutely no context with it.

In reality, there wasn’t actually much more to the fight, as the trailers essentially showed everything. However, after Wong had made Emil Blonsky knock himself out, it became clear that, though the two weren’t necessarily friends, they were certainly acquaintances.

As the Abomination followed Wong through the portal he created with his Sling Ring, it seemed as though he was acting as something of a mentor to the original MCU Hulk villain. Fans are still in the dark as to how this relationship came about, but since Wong is potentially recruiting for a new look version of the Avengers, could this be where the Abomination’s future lies?

Many years ago, Phil Coulson had a conversation with Jasper Sitwell regarding Blonsky’s suitability for the Avengers Initiative, and after 15 MCU years, it could be that Wong is now reconsidering that very question.


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