Shazam!: 7 Reveals From The New Teaser

The excellent new teaser features a whole lot of new stuff for DC's most unlikely blockbuster.

Warner Bros.

With only a few months left to go before release, David F. Sanberg's Shazam! is cranking up the marketing machine with new posters, new tie-ins, and best of all, a brand new teaser.

After the incredible success, both financially and critically, of Aquaman, DC looks to be stretching their wings even further this April with the upcoming film. Whereas characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and even Aquaman were all household names even prior to their films, Shazam is a much deeper cut. In terms of popularity, he's kind of like DC's Ant-Man, a niche character that general audiences know next-to-nothing about.

Which means that perhaps more than ever before for the DCEU, the marketing here really counts. These trailers and teasers have to sell audiences on the character, first and foremost. The good news is, this teaser is an excellent example of precisely how to do that.

In putting emphasis on the character and tone, while also peppering in fun nods to the comics and some unexpected changes, the teaser does a stellar job of making the film look like a can't-miss come April.

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