Sherlock Holmes 3: Everything You Need To Know

Iron Man and Dumbledore reunite at last.

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Though he hasn't made a non-Marvel movie since The Judge in late 2014, Robert Downey Jr is going to be branching out quite a bit over the next few years.

Once Avengers 4 drops next April and Iron Man is presumably phased out, he's got a long-gestating Pinocchio movie that he may turn his attention to, a starring role as Doctor Dolittle in a reinvigoration of the classic property, and now, he's set to return to his other quick-witted, snarky, yet insanely likeable movie character: Sherlock Holmes.

Considering the first two movies in the franchise grossed over $500 million worldwide each, it's surprising that a third has taken this long to get off the ground. Downey and Jude Law's busy schedules haven't helped, and though several potential start dates have been floated around, the project has just never picked up enough momentum.

But recently, things have finally started falling into place and it looks like Sherlock Holmes 3 is actually going to happen, and as a result, information about the project has started dropping faster than the Avengers at the end of Infinity War.

The game is on!

8. It Was In The Works Before A Game Of Shadows Came Out

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Another reason to be surprised by the fact that Sherlock Holmes 3 has taken almost a decade to reach our screens is that it was actually being worked on before the second movie even hit cinemas.

On 23 October 2011 (two months before A Game Of Shadows opened) Deadline reported that screenwriter Drew Pearce - who, at the time, was writing Downey's Iron Man 3 - had been hired by Warner Bros to script a third Sherlock Holmes movie.

The studio had obviously hoped to put a third movie into production a lot sooner, but as time passed with no significant updates on Pearce's script, that clearly didn't happen. A while later, Pearce began working on Mission: Impossible 5 (which came to be known as Rogue Nation), and as a result, was taken off Sherlock Holmes 3 and replaced by Revolutionary Road scribe Justin Haythe.

Whether or not the current iteration of Sherlock Holmes 3 bears any resemblance to the scripts penned by Pearce and Haythe isn't known. But with the two writers having worked on the project quite a while ago, it's likely that all their material was discarded.


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