Skeletor & Tony Blair to continue for Frost Nixon

franklan.jpgBack in September, when we first heard that Ron Howard was bringing an adaptation of the successful play Frost Nixon to the big screen, my response was...
Hopefully they can convince Langella and Sheen to reprise their roles on screen as they have been said to have great chemistry together and are the real stars of the play.
Well Variety report that's exactly what they have done. Michael Sheen (as David Frost) and Frank Langella (as Richard Nixon) will reprise their roles. Speculation was rampid that Warren Beatty was to star as Nixon and the trade claim (although I hadn't heard this before) that Tom Hanks and Kevin Spacey had also been mentioned. Peter Morgan has turned his play into a shooting script. In the last year alone, two of his movies The Queen and The Last King of Scotland were the most critically successful movies of the whole year, so he will be hoping for the same success here. This is great news, Sheen and Langella have been getting tremendous reviews for their stage acting and we all know from their body of work that they can act. Langella will always be a favourite of mine and I thought Sheen was superb and eerily good in The Queen.

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