Slender Man Review: 2 Ups & 7 Downs

As terrible as you'd expect.

Slender Man

Slender Man hit UK cinemas this weekend, and to the surprise of just about nobody, it's an absolutely awful attempt at a horror movie that's not remotely worth your time.

Mercilessly savaged by critics and scoring a terrible "D-" CinemaScore, Slender Man firmly lives down to everything the pre-release hype (or lack thereof) suggested.

With real-life controversy causing Sony to tone the film down in post-production and even attempting to sell the movie off to avoid a PR disaster, it was clearly sent out to die, even if the core premise actually had some solid potential.

Whether you're a teen or a seasoned adult horror fan, there's precious little here that actually works, to the extent that it might even top Truth or Dare to become the year's worst mainstream horror release.

Neither particularly scary nor interesting enough to endure as an ironic curio, Slender Man is all-but-destined to be forgotten long before the year is over...


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