So he is Batman... he will be John Connor... now, remarkably is Bale ROBIN HOOD?

Christian Bale could be set to continue his legacy of playing famously iconic and already established cinematic characters on screen if Ridley Scott has his way according to a rumor in the Daily Mail. They say Scott is desperate to sign up the Welsh actor for his contemporary movie about theSheriff of Nottingham where Bale would play the iconic character of Robin Hood, depicted here as a notorious and not so sympathetic outlaw. It's said that costume fittings are beginning next week, so Scott will have to find his man for Hood soon, the paper claiming that it's Bale's role if he wants it. William Hurt (as King John perhaps or Guy of Gisbourne... maybe Little John - presumably Hood's men are villains too?) and Vanessa Redgrave are also in talks, with the young Academy Award nominated Atonement star Saorise Ronan also on board, apparently of course. Earlier this week, Sienna Miller joined the cast as Maid Marian. Russell Crowe has been on board for the Sheriff's part since before Ridley Scott joined the project in April 2007. Of course, it would be a quick reunion for Bale/Crowe who worked extremely well together on the brilliant Western 3:10 to Yuma and would actually be the first time Bale has worked under Scott. With Hood not being depicted as such a nice guy, I think Bale could do a great job here. We know he can play intense and as I've said, he worked brilliantly with Crowe last year. It's only a rumor thus far but from the looks of things we should know more next week. source - /film

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