Sonic The Hedgehog Review: 10 Biggest Questions Answered

10. Is It Worth The Price Of Admission?


The answer to this question is debatable, but if you have a family with young kids and can get a discount ticket, then sure, why not! The target audience though is most definitely the little ones, although there are even a few moments that the children in the audience will get a little bored. But as we will discuss later, the character of Sonic makes the film at least watchable.

It cannot be emphasised enough though that this is a kid's film. For older viewers there are a cavalcade of plot holes, character inconsistencies and poor acting, while there are some moral issues that are not even considered as Sonic and Dr Robotnik trash San Francisco.

If you're willing to turn your brain off at the door it's watchable, but it may be better to just wait for its release on a streaming service. As for the attempts at humour, well...


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