Sony's Masked Reboot Titled THE FORGING OF ZORRO?

On October 10th (Monday) Sony registered a bunch of URL's relating to the term 'The Forging of Zorro', which likely confirms the title for their new Mask of Zorro reboot.

Hot on the heels of Sony registering multiple variations of 'James Bond Movie' and 'Skyfall' which pretty much confirms the title of the 23rd James Bond as 'Skyfall', they are at it again with their Mask of Zorro franchise. On October 10th (Monday) Sony registered a bunch of URL's relating to the terms 'The Forging of Zorro' and 'Zorro: The Legend Begins'. Presumably these are the two last contenders for the title of The Mask of Zorro reboot that Deadline said last week Sony were getting serious about pushing through with the hiring of tv scribes and current Charlie's Angels producers Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia to write the screenplay. As was reported last week, the new Zorro movie will be an origin flick based on the 2005 Isabel Allende novel "Zorro" (about how a young kid from California moves to Spain and becomes Zorro with real historical events as a backdrop) and we don't think it will have any relation to the two Antonio Banderas movies The Mask of Zorro or The Legend of Zorro, so clearly both titles make sense. Though we suppose the new film could link in with the 1998 movie if the origin is for Anthony Hopkins' version of the masked hero. Out of the two titles it would seem The Forging of Zorro is favourite as the name of the reboot as I've been made aware that Zorro: The Legend Begins was actually the title of a tv pilot film from 1990 and Sony may have just registered it anyway, despite it not being in contention. Here's the full list of the 21 URL registrations;
Personally I like 'The Forging of Zorro' better as it's a little different to the many 'Begins' we've had since Chris Nolan did it to Batman six years ago. Though they could always go with The Forging of Zorro: The Legend Begins. What do you think of the proposed title and the new reboot in general? It's a hell of a lot better than the proposed 'Zorro Reborn' in April that take the masked avenger to an apocalyptic future that 20th Century Fox were trying to put through in April.

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