Soul Review: 7 Ups And 3 Downs

Pixar's Soul hits Disney+ on Christmas Day, but does it live up to its promise?

Soul Pixar

The original plan was for Pixar's Soul to be released in cinemas back in June, but for obvious reasons, that didn't happen. Since then, the decision has been made to release the movie on Disney+ on Christmas Day, and that means it will go head to head with Wonder Woman 1984 (which is playing on the big screen and HBO Max in the U.S. simultaneously).

Unlike Mulan, Soul will be available at no extra cost for Disney+ subscribers, and putting the latest Pixar movie on this streaming service is a smart way to entice subscribers looking to entertain their kids on December 25th.

This is more than a movie just for children, though, as Soul marks a bold step forward for the studio responsible for the likes of Toy Story, Cars, Monsters Inc., and Coco. Undoubtedly one of their most ambitious projects to date, it takes the concept of life or death, puts it at the forefront of an animated film, and leaves you with a whole lot to think about... and a pizza loving cat to fall in love with!

However, while Soul has a lot of ups, there are a few downs too. So, for a better, (mostly) spoiler-free idea of what to expect this Christmas, read on...

10. Up: A Diverse Cast In A Vibrant Harlem

Soul Pixar

Soul is the first Pixar movie to feature a Black lead, but Joe is more than just the studio's attempt to show that they're finally embracing diversity. He's a well-rounded, believable character, and perhaps the most real "person" they've ever put into one of their animated features.

A middle school music teacher who dreams of being a jazz legend, he's easy to root for and an incredibly likeable, often flawed, human being (something many will obviously relate to). As you might expect, Jamie Foxx does a tremendous job bringing Joe to life in the movie, and it's a role the Oscar-winning actor is perfectly suited to.

However, where Soul truly succeeds is in its decision to set this quirky tale in a vibrant, diverse Harlem which definitely reflects what that part of New York City is really like.

There's a real sense of community in Joe's neighbourhood, and thankfully not a single stereotype or cliche anywhere to be found.


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