Soul Review: 7 Ups And 3 Downs

9. Up: A Love Letter To Jazz

Soul Pixar

You don't need to love jazz to enjoy Soul, but if you do, you're in for a treat. Just like (almost) Oscar-winner La La Land, this is a real love letter to that type of music, and it won't take you any time at all to find yourself invested in it every bit as much as Joe is.

The movie explains that, as a kid, Joe's father took him to a jazz club. With that, he fell in love with music and has made becoming a jazz musician his life goal (at the cost of his career, relationships, and happiness to some extent). Again, that's something anyone with a passion can ultimately relate to.

The music throughout the film is wonderful, and the way it combines with these unique visuals which can be found throughout Soul make it impossible to imagine this story focusing on anything else.

Younger viewers are unlikely to feel alienated by the heavy focus on jazz and, who knows, it may very well inspire someone the same way Joe's dad once did.


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