Spider-Man 3: 13 Major Rumours Ranked Worst To Best

A Spider-Man MULTIVERSE movie?!

Spider-Man Secret Wars

Not so very long ago, it looked like the MCU Spider-Man era was up. Fans took to the streets to wail and gnash their teeth, but after Tom Holland's last minute appeal to Sony and Disney convinced them that they actually really LIKED money, the deal was back on and it's full steam, ahead towards 2021's threequel.

While we know the general shape of the film's story will include the fallout from Peter's identity being revealed by Mysterio in Far From Home, there are still a lot of questions and possible directions we could see director Jon Watts go in. And naturally, in the vacuum left by knowledge, speculation runs rampant and "leakers" send out their juicy nuggets for fans to lap up in their droves.

So what are the biggest rumours and which ones are the best (both in terms of likelihood and what they'd mean to how good the final film could be)?

13. Spider-Man Will STILL Leave The MCU

Spider-Man MCU
Marvel Studios

The Rumour

Let's start with a bit of a bummer. According to one apparent "leaker" (via ComicBook), Marvel are planning on phasing Spidey out of the MCU entirely, regardless of having just negotiated his position back in the franchise. From there, the character will revert to Sony's complete control.


It's a strange one, because why would Marvel bother? Short-term gains aren't really the MCU's thing and unless the story pay-off in Spider-Man 3 was just too good not to complete, the idea of bringing him back to then drop him again is a little silly.

There's also way too much money involved on all sides for this to be the end and there's probably more to be said of the countless Spider-Man team-up movie rumours going around than this.

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