Spider-Man 3 Theory: We Already Know The Villains...

Fake news is coming to the MCU...

Spider-Man Osborn Theory

WARNING: This piece will discuss Spider-Man: Far From Home's ending and will contain SPOILERS for the ending.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is a hell of an achievement for the MCU. Not only is it a great, entertaining film that actually gets better as it goes on, but it's also crowned by two post-credits sequences that can legitimately be called game-changing.

The first one is the most important for us today, because the possible ramifications for Peter Parker's world are huge and it might provide an in-point for us to meet the most famous of all Spider-Man villains, bring in a super-popular anti-hero and introduce a story that basically amounts to "Bring Me The Head Of Peter Parker." And it couldn't be any more exciting than it already is.

Here's how that could all work out in the third MCU Spider-Man...

7. Peter's Secret Identity

Spider-Man Far From Home Peter Parker

Obviously, the first major revelation of the first credits sequence of Far From Home is that Mysterio sent out a doctored video message to a news station (via his underling William) to implicate Spider-Man as a villain. He then outed Peter Parker, revealing his name and his face to the watching world and robbing Peter of the anonymity that allowed him to make the choice to balance his real life with his superhero one.

It goes without saying that this is a Big Deal. Capital B, capital D.

Peter was the only character in the MCU who had a secret identity in traditional comic book terms. As a schoolkid, he was also the only one who really needed it, because of the protection it afforded him to still exist in the real world. Think about his fellow Avengers for a moment and it becomes clear why he's so different.

Captain America was a professional superhero. Tony Stark's Iron Man identity was his professional profile too. Hawkeye and Black Widow were SHIELD operatives. Bruce Banner was an anomaly living apart from society. Scott Lang is a criminal. Captain Marvel is an alien operating mostly off-planet. Doctor Strange lives in his own realm for all intents and purposes. Black Panther's superhero persona is part of his royal position... None of them require a means to hide in plain sight. None of them go to school or everyday jobs.

Peter is a hero apart and he's just had his world turned upside down. The question for Peter is how the revelation of his real name will affect him and whether he'll be allowed to put the genie back in the bottle. To examine that, we have to first explore who's behind the public execution of his secret identity and why that might have been.


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