Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer 2: 17 Easter Eggs & References

The Force is strong in this bedroom...

Spider Man Homecoming Easter Eggs Trailer
Marvel Studios

By now, a significant portion of the world will have seen the second Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer that launched out of CinemaCon and introduced us all to Michael Keaton's creepy Vulture and lots and lots of Tony Stark.

While cliched fanboys rush to compare it to Justice League's trailer without realising people can actually like both, everyone else has been pouring over the details of the teaser. And because it's probably one of Marvel's more gleefully spoilerific trailers in recent memory, there's a lot of detail in there.

Still, there's more than enough that remains unrevealed, and more than enough brand appeal in seeing Spidey and Iron Man together to make those spoilers inconsequential. We'll still all go and see it, pushing it well past the actually not unimpressive box office haul of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. And the film will no doubt be another exercise in film-makers showing their love for and knowledge of the comics and the wider MCU.

And of course, this being the MCU, the trailer is stuffed with Easter Eggs, references and comic book call-backs, and it adds even more to the viewing experience to pick through and analyse them all.

Some are obviously more subtle than others...


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