Spider-Man: Homecoming Vs Spider-Man 2 - Which Is Better?

Tobey or Tom? It's time to decide.

Spider Man 2 Spider Man Homecoming
Columbia & Marvel Studios

Spider-Man: Homecoming has enjoyed considerable critical and commercial success since its recent release, and most importantly, it's restored audience confidence in the web-slinger after his last three solo movies were, well, not so great.

Opinion seems somewhat divided, however, on exactly where the movie stands, some deeming it the best Spider-Man movie to date, while others attest it's not quite as good as what's commonly regarded as the best Spidey movie, 2004's excellent Spider-Man 2.

By examining every aspect by which these films can be judged, from direction to acting and even the music, it's time to figure out which one truly is the king of the Spidey movies.

Does Sam Raimi's superhero classic still stand tall, or has Homecoming's witty update made it feel thoroughly old-hat? Is Tobey Maguire still the definitive Spider-Man, or has Tom Holland managed to wrestle it away from him?


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