Spider-Man: No Way Home - 10 Best Moments From The Second Trailer

9. Magic Suit

Spider-Man No Way Home Green Goblin
Marvel Studios

The trailer reveals the first proper look at the magic suit that has been teased in both merchandise and the first trailer. Spider-Man showcases the new magical upgrades, which look very similar to Doctor Strange's abilities when they are in use.

This suit seems to be utilised in order to help Parker return the villains to their home universes. The suit is put to action in a battle with Electro in its brief appearance. It is unclear how much of this suit will be seen in the film, as Parker seems to object to sending the villains back to their worlds after learning their fate is to die in battle with Spider-Man.

Even though the suit may only briefly be in the film, it is a cool addition to Spider-Man's wardrobe and seeing him utilise some form of Strange's magic will be breathtaking to see on the big screen.


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