Spider-Man Upcoming MCU Trilogy: 9 Things We Want To See

Tom Holland's Spider-Man 4, 5 & 6 confirmed, so where's Miles Morales?

Spiderman miles morales

Sony has officially announced that they are going to be making a trilogy of Spider-Man movies continuing on with Tom Holland in the role. An apparent direct continuation following December 15th's Spider-Man: No Way Home, these films will continue to bridge together the MCU and Sony's Spider-Man Universe (SSU).

Only minimal details have been disclosed from those involved with the projects alongside with No Way Home's ending, we can only speculate what the next trilogy could entail. Possibilities ranging from new villains, heroes and darker plotlines to further flesh out the web-crawling vigilantes story are definitely on the table.

There is an abundance of content from over the years of the hero's comic reign which could ensue following the game-changing events which happened in No Way Home. The franchise's prospects look golden.

This list will be expanding on a couple of theories that could appear in Sony's instalments with links to events that are currently in progress now.


-- Spoiler alert for Spider-Man: No Way Home! --

9. Morbius, Kraven And More?

Spiderman miles morales

As well as the living vampire, Morbius' debut, Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been cast to play a live-action Kraven the Hunter in a solo movie, still currently in development.

Kraven is known to be one of the deadliest of Spider-Man's foes, following the highly acclaimed 'Kraven's Last Hunt' comic which featured the brute setting on a quest to hunt the last prize on his list, Peter Parker, and ultimately assuming his alter-ego to continue his vicious actions.

It's clear with both these characters that Sony wants to bring a darker tone towards the future of the web-slinger's storyline. There are countless more titular enemies such as Black Cat, Tombstone as well as the devil himself.

Mephisto's name was thrown around a lot during January of 2021 as Marvel's Wandavision was being released, too. The Prince of Devils is a key enemy of Spider-Man who had committed numerous attacks towards him in the comics - an example being the deal Peter made with Mephisto to help save Aunt May from a shooting, then losing his marriage to MJ in the process.

The psychological torment this demon could reign upon Parker could make for an awe-inspiring, yet dark film.

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