Spider-Man: Homecoming - 11 Things From The Comic You Need To Know

Venom? Black Cat? KINGPIN?!

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Marvel Comics

Even before Spider-Man makes his bow in Captain America: Civil War, Sony and Marvel are clearly already making big plans for their ongoing collaboration themed around Spider-Man. As announced by the BBC yesterday, Sony have registered a URL seemingly confirming that the 2017 stand-alone Spider-Man movie will be subtitled Homecoming.

Inevitably, the title decoding started immediately, as fans picked up on the link to 1984 comic Homecoming and began questioning how this fairly nondescript issue could shape the narrative of something as big as the new stand-alone Spider-Man movie. Obviously, there's a possibility that Homecoming could well be Sony's own animated Spider-Man movie title, which is currently slated for December 2018, but given the timeline - and the pertinence of the subtitle for the Sony/Marvel deal - it makes more sense for it to be the live action feature.

In all honesty, there's a good chance Marvel simply picked the name because of its symbolism (and as a means to further trumpet their re-acquisition of Spidey's film rights), but there are some intriguing details in the comic that could shape potential plot threads in the forthcoming movie.

11. It's Not A School-Age Spidey Story

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Marvel Studios

By the time Homecoming came out in 1984, Peter Parker was no longer a boy. He was at university, had been an associate teacher and had been around for more than 20 years. He was not the brand new hero Marvel and Sony's Spidey clearly is in Captain America: Civil War.

How It Would Work In The Film

Well, it wouldn't. This is the biggest hint that the Homecoming comic won't play too much of a key role in setting the plot for the movie, but that doesn't mean there isn't still a lot that could be developed in...


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