Spider-Man: Homecoming - 11 Things From The Comic You Need To Know

10. Homecoming? From Where?

Marvel Secret Wars.jpg

1984 saw the publication of Marvel's first (and so far best) Secret Wars event, that saw heroes and villains kidnapped from Earth by new all-powerful (for a while) villain The Beyonder, who makes them battle to the death on Battleworld with the promise of lavishing them with all they desire if they win.

Spider-Man: Homecoming saw the return of the Spider-Man (and the Avengers) from Battleworld and his return to "normal" duties after the Beyonder is ultimately defeated. In that respect, it shares spirit with Iron Man 3's post-trauma focus.

Interestingly, the arc apparently wasn't Marvel's idea: Mattel wanted to bring out a line of superhero and villain toys and insisted Marvel release an event story to help push sales. The toy company then proceeded to release a line of toys with absolutely no relation to the comics, including characters who didn't actually appear.

How It Would Work In The Film

It's ready made. Civil War - with its potential deaths and universe changing implications - is the perfect stand-in for the far sillier Secret Wars in the comics. In both cases Spider-Man will be forced to deal with the fall-out of a major ensemble event while coming to terms with new powers and renewed responsibility to his own city.


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