Star Trek 3: 5 Awesome Directors Who Could Take The Helm From J.J. Abrams

star trek into darkness JJ Abrams is a busy man. It's a wonder this man has time to do the little things like eat and breathe given the fact his schedule is loaded between now and forever. The recently announced director of Star Wars Episode 7 is about to see his latest movie released, the much hyped Star Trek: Into Darkness. Trekkies everywhere have almost universally loved the rebooted original and were worried that Abrams work on Star Wars may hinder his future involvement in Star Trek. He has recently said that his taking up the director's chair for a third Star Trek is "a possibility", which is pretty non-committal and understandably so for a man who can't possibly know what day of the week it is. If it were the case that Abrams could not make it work to return to Star Trek, it would be a sad day for Trekkies all across the universe. But there are still some brilliant directors out there who could do a fine job. Just look at Iron Man 3; Shane Black has done wonderful work in the seat vacated by Jon Favreau. Here are 5 directors who could turn their hands at a third Star Trek, and quell the ever-flowing tears of Abrams enthusiasts everywhere...

5. Rian Johnson

Rian Johnson With only three television credits and three feature credits to his name, Rian Johnson likely won't be high on the list when executives stop lighting Cuban cigars with $100 bills and start finding a successor to JJ Abrams. But I think Johnson is a fine candidate for the role. Looper shows that Johnson understands how to shoot intelligent sci-fi at it's best and his visual style could certainly lend an interesting perspective on the Star trek Universe. His brilliant debut, the smart indie darling Brick, proves that he can play drama between character for all it's worth, and the stakes are always kept high. As for his eye for a shot, look no further than two of my favourite episodes of my favourite TV show; Breaking Bad. Johnson recently directed the episode Fifty-One, and for the benefit of those who want to remain unspoiled I will simply state that some of the shots involving the White family pool are some of the best in the shows proud cinematic history. Which is saying something. Johnson also directed the controversial season 3 episode Fly, which is actually one of the smartest bottle episodes of a TV show I've ever seen. Rian Johnson has a bright future ahead of him, and maybe Star Trek is just the right project at the right time.

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