Star Trek: 8 Things The Kelvin Timeline Movies Got Right

7. The Music

Almost anyone can hum the theme tune to Star Trek: The Next Generation, but prior to the Kelvin Timeline movies, the franchise failed to have a consistent musical identity.

That changed when Michael Giacchino was hired to write the music for all three films in this trilogy and gave the Enterprise and her crew the perfect ear worm of a theme. Giacchino also wrote themes for Spock, Nero, Khan, and the Yorktown base, giving the Kelvin Timeline its own unique, consistent soundscape while also incorporating Alexander Courage's theme from The Original Series into the mix.

Skip to the end credits of any of the three films and listen for how Giacchino deftly weaves his new theme into a massive orchestral and choral rendition of Courage's original Star Trek fanfare.

Yeah, we can talk about that Rihanna song or the Beastie Boys and their apparent lingering popularity 200 years into the future, but let's just appreciate Giacchino's rousing scores instead.


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