Star Trek: Ranking Every Starfleet Uniform Worst To Best

4. Star Trek: First Contact - Star Trek Nemesis

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1996's Star Trek: First Contact was a step up in terms of the visuals in the Star Trek franchise with a new ship, new sets, new Borg, and new Starfleet uniforms. Designed by Robert Blackman and Deborah Everton, the First Contact-style uniforms were designed to hold up better on the big screen by incorporating textured materials and more complicated construction.

Inverting the color pallet of Blackman's Deep Space Nine and Voyager costumes, the First Contact uniform reflects that film's darker cinematography with the division color relegated to the undershirt and cuffs. While these uniforms are most often associated with the TNG film franchise (used in First Contact, Insurrection, and Nemesis), they were also worn in the final three seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, fitting perfectly into that show's similarly darker style.

Appearing as late as Star Trek: Picard's first season finale on a computerized ghost of Lieutenant Commander Data, the uniform still holds up 24 years after it was first introduced. Data may have been stuck in the clothes he died in for over two decades, but at least he was stylin'.

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