Star Wars: 10 Actors Who Could Play The Young Han Solo

Do these nerf-herders have what it takes?

Well, it's official - the second Star Wars spinoff, directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, will feature Han Solo. And the internet went mad. Crucial to this announcement is that the film will be set between Episodes III and IV. It's crucial, because, given that time scale, you can glean that Solo will not be the battle-hardened wise-ass everyone knows and loves. He will be much younger; anywhere from his late teens to early twenties. That means no Harrison Ford, or obvious Ford-esque replacements like Chris Evans, Pine or Pratt. "No Ford?! How dare they!" you exclaim? Well, quite. Han Solo is one of Ford's enduring characters and arguably his most iconic. Solo's ragamuffin spirit fuelled by a heart of gold, was executed perfectly by Ford, and will no doubt be again in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Then again, it might not be all that bad. The character will have to be different anyway, because he's much younger. What decisions shall be made? Probably, they'll up his arrogance and street-urchin, wise-cracks, and downplay his competence and experience. This Solo will surely be a cheeky lad, an intergalactic Artful Dodger. So who could play him? One of these ten probably.


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