Star Wars: 10 Best Pieces Of The Expanded Universe

Chewbacca dead and Boba Fett alive? Crazy.

Disney, oh Disney, you really are loved. You€™ve brought the world immeasurable joy over the years. From your Magical Kingdom, to your iconic movies, you€™ve provided people with more €˜warm and fuzzies€™ than snuggling with a puppy on Christmas morning. Ah yes, the world watched when Cinderella lost her glass slipper but Prince Charming found her anyways. People marvelled in awe the first time they walked down Main Street USA and saw all of their favourite characters come to life before their very eyes. The masses screamed with joy and glee when they witnessed the pure genius of Michael Jackson€™s Captain EO! Wait, scratch that last part. The point is you are loved, because you have provided so many magical moments over the years. You gave life to so many treasured things. And then in an instant you killed something so near and dear to many people. With the announcement that sci-fi movie saga George Lucas had handed over the reins to his Empire, Disney stepped on the neck of something that Star Wars fans had clung to with manic obsession during the dark years. And then they crushed the windpipe - they killed the Expanded Universe. After loyal fans bid farewell to Star Wars at the conclusion of Return Of The Jedi, many people believed they would never travel to that galaxy far, far away ever again. Then a funny thing happened. Lucas gave up some creative control. He actually let authors expand upon his universe. The mourning fans were now able to read novels that detailed the adventures of their heroes as they continued their battles. The world was introduced to exciting new characters. And even the return of some they thought were dead. And now it€™s all gone. Just like that. There wasn't even a chance to say goodbye. So, in a memorial of sorts, here are the top 10 best pieces from the Expanded Universe that Star Wars fans are losing. It€™s like the world never really knew you at all.
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