Star Wars: 10 Big Kylo Ren And Rey Theories For Episode 9

Anything can happen in a galaxy far, far away.


With Luke Skywalker and Han Solo gone, and Princess Leia unlikely to be CGI’d into Episode 9, Kylo Ren and Rey are now the undisputed faces of the newest trilogy of the Star Wars saga.

Whatever you thought of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, there can be no denying the two characters are now among the most fascinating individuals of the entire series. Other characters, such as Finn, Poe and General Hux, have had their moments so far but it is the fates of the two Force-users that is adding so much intrigue ahead of Episode 9’s release in December next year.

Last time we saw Kylo Ren and Rey, it appeared their Force connection that was created by Supreme Leader Snoke had been broken and they were resigned to the fact that, despite their being a spark between them, they will be enemies and forced to do battle. However, The Last Jedi still suggested that both individuals could yet team up or, even crazier, change sides further down the line.

There is so much that could happen that it is hard to see what exactly J.J. Abrams will decide to do with the two characters who were given so much depth to them by Rian Johnson in The Last Jedi. However, anything is possible in the galaxy.


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