Star Wars: 10 Directors Who Could Fix Han Solo

9. Jon Favreau

Jon Favreau
CraSH imageSPACE/Splash News/Corbis

Why He Could Fix It: Jon Favreau has had an incredibly fruitful relationship with Disney over the last few years, directing the first two Iron Man movies and The Jungle Book to tremendous success, so if a steady director is needed to take the reins to the finish line, he just might be the guy.

How Likely Is It?: Pre-production on The Lion King will keep him plenty busy for a while, and the fact that his 2014 indie comedy Chef was a savage allegory of his own difficult experiences in Hollywood probably means he wouldn't want a hands-on producer like Kathleen Kennedy breathing down his neck.

If timing were better this would be much more probable, and while he could probably still squeeze it in before production on The Lion King starts, he might not want that much stress in his life. 3/10


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