Star Wars: 10 Epic Lightsaber Duels NOT In The Movies

10. Obi-Wan Kenobi VS Darth Maul (Star Wars Rebels S03 E20).

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Quite likely the shortest duel in the whole of Star Wars, Obi-Wan and Darth's Maul's encounter coming at the tail end of Star Wars Rebels' Season Three packs a lot of emotional intensity in just three minutes. The fight itself is much briefer, with Maul succumbing just seconds after the old foes' blades meet.

Despite its brevity, the choreography is tight, the subtle moment when Obi-Wan's lightsaber slices through Maul's double-bladed saber and his chest demanding multiple rewatches to fully appreciate.

The real highlight of the scene comes as Maul lays dying in Obi-Wan's arms, as it becomes clear the old enemies both share the same desire, the defeat of the Empire - admittedly for different reasons.

Maul dies somewhat peacefully, content that Obi-Wan's ward - Luke Skywalker, the "chosen one" - will "avenge" him, and help destroy the Master who left him for dead on Naboo all those years ago.

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