Star Wars: 10 Expanded Universe Stories They Should Definitely Adapt


When the news that Disney had obtained the rights to the Star Wars films and were proceeding to create a sequel trilogy, immediately there were questions bandied back and forth. While it has since been announced that the films will be original works, for a little while it wouldn't have been crazy to think that Disney might adapt some of the vast amount of material created in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Covering thousands of years and going into insane detail about essentially everything mentioned in the films (there's a backstory on everyone from the bartender in the Mos Eisley cantina to every Jedi Council member seen in the prequels), the Expanded Universe contains a wealth of material that is ripe for cinematic adaption. Some of the adaptions would provide more screentime for characters that were only briefly seen in the films, while others would add to the ongoing story of the principal cast of characters that have already been established. The Star Wars novels were some of the first real novels that I ever read and there would be nothing that would make me happier then for any of these to be successfully transferred to the cinematic medium although the likelihood of most of them being made is low. Here's 10 expanded universe stories they should definitely adapt in future cinematic installments.
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