Star Wars: 10 Expanded Universe Stories They Should Definitely Adapt

10. Darth Bane: Path Of Destruction

url-17 Path of Destruction follows Bane as he goes from simple miner to Dark Lord of the Sith. The novel tells how Bane realizes that the Sith have abandoned the original ways of the order and how he goes about bringing about the end of the Sith and then rebuilds it in a purer form. The novel introduces many rules about the Sith that were previously established in the Prequel trilogy as Bane institutes the Rule of Two, one master and one apprentice. The master would teach the apprentice as much as they could before being killed by the apprentice who would then train an apprentice and so on. Bane realized that this was the only way for the Sith Order to grow strong enough to defeat the Jedi. His view was later vindicated by Darth Sidious who for a time vanquished the Jedi Order. While the novel is part of a trilogy, a standalone adaption of Path of Destruction would be the best choice for the character of Bane as the two sequels essentially reiterate the same points as the first. The film would have plenty of room to feature enormous battles between Jedi and Sith armies and Bane's progression towards his philosophy concerning the Sith Order could be extremely interesting.
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