Star Wars: 10 Game-Changing Theories For Episode VIII

Secrets and twists galore in a galaxy far, far away...

Although everyone seems to have different opinions about Star Wars: The Force Awakens (after multiple viewings I€™m still very much in the €˜pro€™ camp, for the record), there€™s one thing you can€™t deny about it €“ it€™s got the public talking about Star Wars more than they have done in years.

Less than a month since the film came out, almost everyone you know has probably seen it. And they probably have some theories about where the retooled space opera saga is heading next. If your Christmas break was anything like mine, you probably spent a hefty chunk of it discussing Rey€™s parentage over a never-ending supply of mulled wine.

Sadly, we won€™t get any answers about The Force Awakens€™ manifold teases and dangling plot threads until Rian Johnson's Star Wars Episode VIII reaches cinemas in May 2017. Until then, here are the best fan theories for Episode VIII that have surfaced so far€

Spoilers ahead for The Force Awakens.


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