Star Wars: 10 Game-Changing Theories For Episode VIII

10. Rey Will Be Revealed As A Skywalker

Star Wars The Force Awakens Rey Lightsaber

Is Luke really Rey's father?

There are certainly a lot of parallels between Luke and Rey from what we know so far. Both were left on desert planets in their youth. They have shared interests in staring wistfully at the horizon, riding red speeders and growing up without parents. And they both learned the ways of the Force in their first film, came into possession of Anakin Skywalker€™s lightsaber and faced off with a masked assailant of the Dark Side.

Plenty of fans want to believe that these parallels (and recurring motifs in John Williams€™ score) mean that Rey is Luke€™s daughter. Or failing that, she could turn out to be daughter of Leia and therefore Luke€™s niece. Or maybe she€™s not related to any original trilogy characters and marks the start of a new Force-sensitive lineage.

In Episode VIII, Rian Johnson will surely shed some light on Rey€™s origins on way or another. This could take the form of a dialogue explanation or even more Force vision flashback thingies like the one Rey had in Maz€™s basement upon touching the lightsaber.


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