Star Wars: 10 Game-Changing Theories For Episode VIII

9. #FinnPoe Will Become Canon

The chemistry between John Boyega€™s Finn and Oscar Isaac€™s Poe Dameron was a sight to behold €“ their escape from the Star Destroyer offered plenty of laughs in amongst the action, and their eventual reunion at the Resistance base was clearly a big emotional moment for both characters.

Some sections of the internet have begun wondering whether Finn and Poe could be more than just friends. Could they be a couple in the making, with Finn€™s Starkiller rescue essentially functioning as rom-com meet-cute? It certainly seems like a possibility as we transition into Episode VIII.

Whether people reading Finn and Poe as potential star-crossed lovers was intended by The Force Awakens€™ writers or not, the fact that this is now being discussed offers Episode VIII writer-director Rian Johnson an opportunity to really make his mark on Star Wars €“ by establishing the first homosexual romance in the 30+ year history of the movie franchise.

There are probably meetings going on at Lucasfilm right now about whether or not to overtly explain these characters' sexual preferences in Episode VIII. With a lack of fresh ideas being one of the biggest criticisms of The Force Awakens, and with representation for minority groups never being a bad thing, it seems like a good idea to this writer.


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