Star Wars: 10 Giant Plot-Holes You Probably Missed

The Force isn't as strong as you think.

yokd A film series as large and expansive as George Lucas's Star Wars universe is not going to be without its errors. And any script set within that universe is also bound to contain some minor holes. They don't detract from the incredible stories the series tells; rather they expose themselves only once you really think about them. Despite this, most of them are more gaping than an intergalactic Goatse, more annoying than Jar Jar Binks' failure to grasp basic language and bigger than Lucas' paycheck. All of which are sizable, impressive and downright wrong on many levels. But moving on from shocking pictures, more shocking marketing strategies and even more shocking salaries, here is a celebration of some of the larger plot holes of the series (but not ones that necessarily affect your enjoyment of the films for the first several viewings).

10. Rebels Without An E-mail Account

only hope Let's kick things off with the film that kicked things off. A film that introduced spaceships, holograms, lightsabers, astromech droids, blaster guns, death stars, you name it, the galaxy far, far away has it. Yet there're two things that A New Hope's rebels seem to lack: e-mail or a flash drive. Picture the scene: You are Princess Leia (not in her slave gear, you filthy fanboys), you've just been handed the plans for the Death Star on a small drive of some sort that can plug into computers and droids and god knows where else. What would you do? Maybe send a space message to your rebel comrades nearest to the Death Star and blow the moon-impersonating ball of death up before it can fire on your home planet? Maybe make a thousand copies to give to every trooper you can, give everybody a copy that they can potentially take with them and make good their escape? Nope, you hog it to yourself, shove it inside R2-D2 and pray he, and the only existing copy of the vitally important plans, land somewhere in the deserts of Tatooine where the Jawas or Tusken Raiders aren't going to rip them apart without even a second glance. Alderaan thanks you for your greed (not that you seem to show any emotion when and after it gets blown up, you heartless monster).
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