Star Wars: 10 Giant Plot-Holes You Probably Missed

9. Jedi-Knight-Families Reunited

luke skywalker Easiest family members to reunite ever? Vader and Luke. When Luke and Leia are born at the end of Revenge of the Sith, they are separated and flown far away from each other and the newly expanding Empire for their own protection. Luke seems to get the bum end of the deal, being stuck with his Dad's family on a desert planet while Leia scampers off to become royalty, even if her home planet does then end up as space chunks. But the strangest part of Luke's planned parenthood disaster? He retains his fathers surname. Sure, a small boy on a far off planet doesn't stand much of a chance of having his name mentioned before Vader, and this particular hole would seem irrelevant, if not for the fact that he is living with the family of Vader on Vader's home planet. All it would take is one quick mention of his family back home for Vader to discover Luke's whereabouts and summon up a quick Skywalker family barbecue, this time with added blonde tween Jedi.
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