Star Wars: 10 Insane Easter Eggs You Totally Missed In Rogue One

Unexpected cave dwellers, legendary weapons, and much more Star Wars Rogue One subtle goodness!

Rogue One A Star Wars Story Jyn Erso

Quite happily sitting as the strongest solo feature spin-off outing this galaxy far, far away has ever been able to produce - yes, even comfortably besting a film with the actual word "Solo" within its title - some six years on from its jaw-dropping arrival, fans are still banging the drum of appreciation for what Gareth Edwards was able to brilliantly execute within his corner of this sprawling universe.

Mixing the gritty, atmospheric tension found in some of the most compelling big screen war efforts to date with the earnest yet cheeky glimmer of hope that established George Lucas' eventual juggernaut as a space-aged adventure not to be missed in the first place, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is truly a flick for fans and critics alike... and a gift that keeps on giving for those who get their spice kicks from Easter eggs.

Juggling everything from respectable salutes to the small screen animated section of Disney's increasingly successful Star Wars endeavour, to utterly genius callbacks that are so subtle they probably slipped right on past your sensors undetected, there's a reason Rogue One has earned more than its fair share of gripping rewatches in the time since 2016.

10. Various Star Wars Rebels Nods

Rogue One A Star Wars Story Jyn Erso

With this particular Star Wars Story going down during the time of a burgeoning Rebellion, many who had been happily taking in the various adventures of Ezra Bridger and the gang spearheading Dave Filoni's Star Wars Rebels animated series were crossing their fingers tightly that at least one cheeky nod to the show would find its way into the live action sphere.

Well, they were in luck.

In the wake of a Rogue One TV spot showcasing what seemed like the appearance of Hera Syndulla's light freighter by the name of Ghost in the flick, the eventual finished article brought even more Rebels fun to the party.

On top of that Ghostly Easter Egg as part of the Rebel Alliance fleet, General Syndulla is summoned to the briefing room over the intercom whilst on Yavin 4, Chopper rocks up for a brief spin in the background, and a Hammerhead Corvette - first used in Canon during Rebels - was used to ram one Imperial Star Destroyer into another late in the day.

And Disney+'s Obi-Wan Kenobi series will likely bring with it even more Rebels references along the way.


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