Star Wars: 10 Insane Force Powers That Literally Make No Sense

9. Battle Meditation

The Mandalorian Grogu Force Heal
Dark Horse Comics

Battle Meditation increased morale and support, and so became heavily used across the space opera. Introduced in 2003's Knights of the Old Republic, Battle Meditation was utilised by Bastila Shan, first during the Jedi Civil War, then again during the Battle of Rakata Prime, ultimately allowing the Republic to destroy the Star Forge.

The power has also managed to make its way into canon, with it briefly appearing in The Clone Wars TV series, though it has been used far less than it was in legends. Battle Meditation seems to be a little more complex than simply being a morale boosting ability though.

According to Grand Admiral Thrawn in Timothy Zahn's Heir To The Empire, the Rebellion was able to emerge victorious at the Battle of Endor because Palpatine overused Battle Meditation, making Imperial forces mindless puppets who then could not make independent tactical decisions once the Emperor stopped using the power.

So, not only does Battle Meditation seem to be a morale boosting ability, it can also act as a light form of a mind trick, in which you can spread across as many people as possible.


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