Star Wars: 10 Insane Force Powers That Literally Make No Sense

8. Force Freeze

The Mandalorian Grogu Force Heal

A power that has become frequent in Star Wars since Disney's acquisition of the franchise in 2012, Force Freeze, or Force Stasis, allowed its user to halt objects and people. The power is mostly associated with Kylo Ren, though others have seen to use it in canon, like Cal Kestis and most recently, Darth Vader in the Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney+ series. The ability has also appeared in legends, and was an unlockable power in both of the Knights of the Old Republic games.

With the ability being as powerful as it is, it's confusing as to why more Jedi and Sith do not use the ability more often, since it very clearly grants the user a major advantage in a battle. Perhaps, the answer to this question is that this ability, alongside a plethora of others, cannot be used against a Force-sensitive person, since those who are in tune with their senses are able to cast Force Barriers or Force Shields, which protects the user against all incoming attacks.

Still, Rey and Kylo Ren use this ability against one another during their duel amongst the ruins of the Second Death Star, making the power's mechanics somewhat inconsistent, at least in Disney's sequel trilogy.


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