Star Wars: 10 Most Ridiculous Stories From The Expanded Universe

There's a reason why it's not considered canon anymore.


When Disney paid George Lucas the GDP of a small nation for the rights to Star Wars, the entirety of its extensive canon was restructured. As a result, only the (then) six episodic films, the Clone Wars film and TV series, and the Rebels TV series remained in the official Star Wars canon.

This meant that decade’s worth of novels, comic books, video games and spin-offs were relegated to a status hovering around that of fan fiction. While many EU fans lamented the loss, this culling has enabled Disney to move forward with new Star Wars stories without being bogged down by the dense and sometimes absurd storylines found in the Expanded Universe.

To be fair, the main Star Wars canon isn't without its cringe worthy moments (Jar Jar Binks, Emo Vader), but the EU has some shocking plot threads. So it’s probably for the best that these stories are now under the Star Wars "Legends" banner.

While there are some really excellent stories to be found in the EU (case in point, The Thrawn Trilogy), a lot of it was utter rubbish and completely ridiculous.


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