Star Wars: 10 Most Ridiculous Stories From The Expanded Universe

10. Emotionally Scarring Spinoff Movies


The Ewoks take their fair share of flak from fans. Some people accuse them of ruining the final chapter of the original Star Wars trilogy. Some folks criticize them for being nothing but a transparent attempt at increasing toy sales. Some think they’re cute. Whatever your opinion on these little furballs, you probably were not aware that there is not one, but two Ewok-centric spin-off movies that were made for television.

After George Lucas royally bungled the first attempt at bringing Star Wars to the small screen, he decided to develop spin-off films that wouldn’t harm the integrity of the characters in the main film. The result was the 1984 film Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure. It revolves around a family who crash lands on the forest moon of Endor. The parents are taken by a giant monster thing and the kids are taken in by the Ewoks, who then help the kids in their quest to rescue their parents.

This was followed by a sequel the following year, titled Ewoks: Battle For Endor. These two television films are bizarre curiosities, as they feature more supernatural and mystical elements over the regular science fiction tropes. Despite being made specifically for children, they are dark as hell.

The first movie features the death of one of the main Ewoks, but the sequel takes the emotional scarring up to a whole other level as the young daughter of the human family from the first film watches on as her parents and brother are killed in horrific ways. This all happens within the first ten minutes of the film by the way. And Wilford “Dia-beetus” Brimley is in it as well.


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