Star Wars: 10 Secrets Of The Lightsaber You Need To Know

9. When Were They Invented?

Star Wars Rise Of Skywalker

In Star Wars: Rebels episode, Twilight of the Apprentice, Ezra and his companions discovered dozens of lightsabers in Malachor. Since the Jedi faced the Sith in battle here during a war called The Great Scourge 4,000 years ago, this is the oldest official record of lightsaber usage in Star Wars mythos.

But who was the first to wield one? According to Star Wars: The Old Republic, the lightsaber was invented by a Je'daii called The Weapon Master. After he created what has become known as the First Blade, it opened the doorway to other Je'daii forging their own lightsabers. After The Weapon Master passed away, his ashes were hidden in Kaleth city on Tython, alongside the First Blade.

Some suspect that The Weapon Master is a cheetah-like alien called Tem Madog, who debuted in the comic, Dawn of the Jedi. Not only is Madog nicknamed The Weapon Master, he was a Je'daii order member from the world of Tython, which has a reputation for crafting astounding weapons. Since this has never been officially confirmed, fans continue to speculate the true identity of The Weapon Master.

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