Star Wars: 10 Things Everyone Always Gets Wrong About The Jedi

9. Luke Skywalker Trained More Than You Think To Initially Become A Jedi

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For decades now, fans have found themselves debating how in the holy hell the most famous Jedi of them all, Luke Skywalker, was able to go from relative Force newcomer to a figure capable of taking on Darth Vader in just a matter of weeks.

Now sure, the fact that he was taken under the wing of two of the wisest Jedi in Star Wars history likely didn't hurt his chances of taking to the ways of the Force quicker than most. But even with Luke being the son of Anakin Skywalker and clearly a rather rapid learner, getting to the level he did in only a few weeks did still feel like a bit of a stretch to some.

In actual fact, though, Skywalker didn't merely spend the three years in-between the events of A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back twiddling his thumbs and staring at his lightsaber. During that time, as revealed in comics, Luke was still chipping away at his combat training, and even reading through some of Obi-Wan's journals as a way of absorbing as much as he could about the Force.

And while he wasn't given substantial and consistent one-to-one lessons in the ways of the Jedi until he landed on Dagobah, the galaxy's favourite Jedi was actually further along his Light Side path than many realised coming into his Yoda crash-course.

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