Star Wars: 10 Things That STILL Don’t Make Sense

Why do folks have such short memories when it comes to the Jedi?

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Now finding itself in a position where new, intergalactic tales are being pumped into its ever-expanding corner of the galaxy by the quarter, the Star Wars franchise keeps finding countless inventive ways to provide answers to certain questions that have been occupying fans' minds for decades.

Look no further than the recent Disney+ Obi-Wan Kenobi series going out of its way to make sense of the titular space wizard's fondness for referring to Vader as "Darth", and his once-bizarre comments on the Sith being responsible for murdering and betraying Luke Skywalker's father, Anakin.

But even with that being said, there are still a great many strange Star Wars developments that are yet to be fully explained or entirely clarified, with some odd happenings still not actually making complete sense some 40+ years on from their debut!

From arguably one of the most important personalities in the galaxy weirdly going missing during a key spell in the Skywalker Saga, to the fact that many people within this sprawling galaxy appear to have particularly short memories, these are those moments and scenarios that fans are still struggling to understand after all this time.

10. What In The Hell Was Ahsoka Tano Up To During The Original Trilogy?

Star Wars Anakin Padme
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Getting the ball rolling with a puzzling reality that simply could not be avoided due to the character only being introduced to the Skywalker Saga decades after the original trilogy, the whereabouts of Ahsoka Tano throughout those flicks has been a question buried within the minds of many for some time.

Since it became clear that the former Jedi wasn't actually killed off by her former master while duelling within the Sith Temple on Malachor in Rebels - instead being saved from that fate by Ezra Bridger's World Between Worlds intervention - many wondered why Tano would've simply sat by and watched the galaxy rip itself apart throughout Episodes IV to VI.

And the fact that the one-time Skywalker Padawan rocked up in The Mandalorian after the events of the OG trilogy only added further confusion to the scenario.

It has been suggested that Tano was actually residing on Malachor during the Galactic Civil War, embarking on a spiritual journey of sorts as she figured out a way to find the missing Ezra. But it's safe to say many will be looking for some concrete answers within the upcoming Ahsoka series as to what she was actually up to in the time before joining forces with Sabine Wren to search for the Ghost Crew member.

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