Star Wars: 10 Things That STILL Don’t Make Sense

9. Nobody Has A Clue Who Luke Skywalker Is

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As this list will shine a light on before its conclusion, the folks within this galaxy far, far away aren't exactly boasting the strongest memories.

Now sure, to assume that every single soul living and breathing throughout the aforementioned Galactic Civil War would've laid eyes on (or even just heard of) the iconic Jedi who helped topple The Empire would be foolish. The galaxy is a pretty huge place, after all.

But the fact that folks as close to the good fight as the likes of Cara Dune didn't even seem to be aware of who in the hell the New Republic hero Luke Skywalker was upon him meeting the Mando gang in Season 2 makes for a rather baffling situation.

Even if Dune hadn't crossed paths with the iconic Jedi before, there's a strong chance his face - or at the very least, his physical description - would've been floated about by the folks he was once fighting with just a few short years before. And the fact that Luke is praised as some sort of Jedi celebrity by the time of The Force Awakens only makes the team's uncertainty over who in the hell he was at this point even more bizarre.

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