Star Wars: 10 Things That STILL Don’t Make Sense

8. How Did Leia End Up With A New Dress On Endor?

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Amidst the cuddly chaos seen going down upon the Ewoks' arrival in Return of the Jedi, one particular piece of clothing left some fans understandably scratching their heads.

Princess Leia Organa finds herself sporting an earthy-looking dress in the wake of being taken in by Wicket W. Warrick and co., and while many found themselves questioning how the leading light managed to come into possession of said clothing after rocking up to the forest moon in camo gear, that part of the mystery was actually solved thanks to Star Wars: Forces of Destiny's Ewok Escape explaining that the dress was a gift for Leia's assistance in saving some Ewoks from a bunch of stormtroopers.

The part that hasn't been fully detailed, however, is how in the heck the fuzzy little rascals came into possession of said dress in the first place.

There is one disturbing fan theory that suggests the Ewoks, as seen in their initial hostility towards Luke and Han, could've actually just eaten another woman and taken her dress as a horrific prize. But it's still not been 100-percent confirmed in canon if this was how said clothing was obtained.

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