Star Wars: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Darth Vader

9. The Ins And Outs Of That Suit

Darth Vader Helmet $1 Million

Far from simply being a cool way to present the galaxy's most feared presence, Darth Vader's stylish suit came with it some rather interesting details.

Despite the suit producing a neurotoxin that helped slightly ease the ever-lasting pain that comes from being very much wired into a machine for the remainder of his days, Darth Sidious actually designed the outfit with the idea of keeping the fallen Jedi as uncomfortable as possible; meaning he would constantly be in a state of anger and frustration and therefore closer to the Dark Side as a result.

Another handy element Sidious had installed into his apprentice's life support system was the suit's vulnerability to Force lightning, an ability The Emperor was particularly fond of, naturally. On top of Vader largely steering clear of using this Sith ability himself due to it once short-circuiting his armour and very nearly killing him in the process during the Darth Vader comic series, Sidious had been known to threaten his impulsive associate with electrocution with the all-important knowledge of his little-known weakness.

And this very literal chink in his armour would inevitably lead to his eventual demise in Return of the Jedi, of course.


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