Star Wars: 10 Truly Disturbing Side Character Backstories

Jabba the Hutt was way more depraved than you think.

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George Lucas has created a rich universe filled with all manor of fantastic and bizarre creatures and species. The original trilogy was so inundated with intriguing looking and memorable side characters, that even those who featured for mere seconds, have become fan favourites.

At first Lucas just wanted to fill the background with individuals that would help build the sense of a truly intergalactic society.

Over the years many of these characters have gone on to have their personal histories fleshed out. Both the expanded Legends Universe and the new Disney canon is filled with fascinating and detailed stories - giving insight into characters who either had supporting roles in the films, or were featured as glorified extras.

With a universe filled with bounty hunters, slave traders and intergalactic crimes bosses, though, some of the characters have pretty troubling pasts.

Star Wars might have been written as an sci fi adventure-story for kids, but it has a dark underbelly.

10. Cliegg Lars

star wars return of the jedi oola

Cliegg Lars appeared briefly in Attack of the Clones, informing Anakin of the fate of his mother and pushing him one step closer to the dark side.

We meet Lars just one month after the kidnapping of his wife and Anakin's mother Shmi. He's a grizzled and tired man by this stage in his life... and it's no surprise.

Tatooine has never been kind to Cliegg.

Born on the desert planet, Lars only ever knew the harsh and difficult life of a moisture farmer. When he was a child, his brother was killed in a speeder accident, and his first wife, (the mother of Luke's uncle Owen) died after the birth of their son. Already that's enough to make you a bitter old codger.

In his later years, however, he found a new love for life after meeting Shmi. He bought, freed, and then married her. Tragedy for Lars struck again, though, when Shmi was abducted by the Sand People.

Lars gathered up to 30 farmers and launched a rescue attempt, but only four of his party survived the encounter. The desperate fight to rescue his wife, not only failed but resulted in the loss of his leg.

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