Star Wars 7: 5 Ways Disney Is Wasting The Saga's Potential

4. The Hiring Decisions Have Been Fairly Uninspired

While it was always going to be next to impossible to find a director that was going to please everyone, Disney probably disappointed the fewest by going with the safest pick available, JJ Abrams, who is an avowed fan of the original films, has already proved with the most recent Star Trek films that he can handle CGI heavy space epics, and has worked on a number of big-budget projects that make him very well equipped to handle the enormous production he is bound to encounter. Yet, has Abrams ever made anything that has really been all that impressive? His films are certainly all of a high-quality, but there's a certain soulless sameness to them that fail to inspire much hope for a series that will face some of the greatest hype and scrutiny of all-time. Screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan, who wrote Episode V and VI, has clearly done well with the series in the past, but he also has written nothing of note in the three decade since. While living legends John Williams and Ben Burtt are among the obvious hires that we can't really complain about, across the board most of the crew announcements have just seemed a bit safe and uninspired. The irony in this is that Star Wars, during its own inception, was about as risky and inspired as it got. Disney seems to be playing it safe when it comes to all the key hirings, so we can only hope that they are slightly more courageous when putting together the cast.

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