Star Wars 7: 5 Ways Disney Is Wasting The Saga's Potential

3. Disney Has Ignored The Expanded Universe

What has also disappointed many long time Star Wars fans, myself included, is the apparent dismissal of the vast collection of stories that comprise the Expanded Universe. While there is huge variation in the level of quality in these stories, many of them have become nearly as well regarded and memorable as the original films themselves. Even though continuing the original story-arc has always been the plan of Lucas, it doesn't feel right leaving many of these stories off the screen. Who wouldn't want to see a well made adaption of Timothy Zahn's Thrawn trilogy, where a genius Imperial warlord launches a destructive offensive against the newly formed Republic. Or how about an HBO style miniseries focusing on the New Republic's elite Rogue Squadron X-Wing fighter unit. Or even a series on the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion, a storyline which took up nineteen novels. The Star Wars Expanded Universe is a treasure trove of ready-made cinematic endeavours that Disney, at this point anyway, seems entirely intent on ignoring. For every Star Wars fan out there, this can't be anything less than a massive disappointment.

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