Star Wars: 7 Dream Anthology Films We Want To See

Rogue One is merely the beginning...


Since purchasing Lucasfilm in 2012, Disney has reinvigorated the previously dormant Star Wars saga. The Force Awakens was an enormous success that proved the series was in good hands, and diehard fans have also been treated to new comics and an exceptional animated series in Star Wars Rebels. But perhaps the most exciting new development is the Anthology films.

Existing as their own contained stories, the 'Star Wars stories' films will expand the universe while transcending various genres. The first standalone film, Rogue One, releases later this month, and is being described as a "war movie".

Focusing on the ragtag group of Rebels that stole the Death Star plans, Rogue One is highly anticipated by fans and its impressive ticket pre-sale seems to indicate that Disney will have another hit on their hands.

With the freedom to explore different genres, characters, and worlds, the Anthology films have limitless potential. After Rogue One and then Han Solo, here are the seven stories Disney and Lucasfilm need to tell next.


7. Pod Racing


Fast and Furious in space. Need I say more?

The Phantom Menace is by all accounts a terrible film, but it has two redeemable qualities; Darth Maul and pod racing. Anakin's pod race is a lot of fun, and the set piece has enough potential to succeed on its own.

Set on a never before seen planet with all new characters, this movie could follow an up and coming pod racer that works his way to the top. No lightsabers, no space fights, just tense races.

A Star Wars sports movie may sound like a silly concept, but then again so does a young Han Solo movie. But like the Solo movie, if the filmmakers take the right approach and execute it well, it could end up being remarkable.

Dream Involvement: Because of his success with the Fast and Furious series as well as his fantastic work in Star Trek Beyond, Justin Lin would be the perfect director to bring a Pod Racing film to theaters.


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