Star Wars: 7 Things Revealed About Snoke Since The Last Jedi (And 3 That Need Answering)

And you thought he was dead...

Star Wars Snoke

The Last Jedi was a divisive film to say the least. Rian Johnson’s film was a gorgeous blockbuster packed with memorable Star Wars moments and did a stellar job at continuing the developments of Kylo Ren and Rey two years on from their debut appearance in 2015’s The Force Awakens.

However, the decision to kill off Supreme Leader Snoke left many fans aghast. Star Wars had spent the previous two years speculating on the true identity and motives of the First Order kingpin. Was he Darth Plagueis the wise, the ancient Sith mentioned by Sheev Palpatine to a young Anakin Skywalker in Revenge of the Sith? Was he Darth Vader himself, back from the dead? What about Mace Windu - we never saw his body? Put it this way, fans expected big things.

Which was why the decision to kill him off has seen so much criticism and fury come Johnson’s way. Snoke’s character is just getting truly interesting in the Last Jedi during an intense scene with Kylo Ren and Rey in his throne room, where he orders his apprentice to wipe out Daisy Ridley’s character once and for all. But, in a major twist, young Ben Solo ends up slicing his master in half and, for now, that seems to be the last we will see of Snoke.

Fortunately, however, more details are coming to light about the mysterious character. Consequently, we’re now beginning to get a true insight into the character that Star Wars fans are still itching to learn more about. So what have we learned since the release?

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