Star Wars: Episode 9 - 10 Things The Fans Demand

9. A Significant Role For Luke

Knights Of Ren Episode IX

It was a beautifully poetic moment when Luke Skywalker found inner peace and purpose before fading away against Ahch-To's binary sunset during The Last Jedi's final act, yet sections of the fanbase were unhappy with the legendary hero's sendoff.

But this was only the end of Luke in corporeal form. Obviously, Force ghosts have always been a thing in the Star Wars universe and there's no way the legendary Jedi master was going to be denied his right to appear as one in Episode IX.

Indeed, Mark Hamill was recently confirmed for the sequel trilogy's closing chapter, which most likely means he'll literally be there in spirit, rather than in flashback sequences. The vast majority of Star Wars fans were delighted to hear this, especially those who felt that the Last Jedi did him a disservice, as it gives the saga a chance to tie up the character's loose ends.

Although the audience was divided on the subject of whether Luke went out on a high in Episode VIII, most fans would agree that Hamill deserves a significant role in his final movie, rather than just a ghostly cameo. Given that he promised to haunt Kylo Ren and no doubt has more wisdom to impart on Rey, there's plenty of scope here.

If the final battle between Skywalker and Ren in Episode VIII is anything to go by, Luke doesn't have to be corporeal to kick ass.


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